Individual & Family Consultations

Good For You Nutrition is committed to helping you improve your life through ‘good’ nutrition that is ‘right’ for you. Great care will be taken in understanding your needs, goals, lifestyle and food preferences – we will work with you to create a personalised nutrition program and provide ongoing, positive support.


Individual Consultations​

Allow up to 40mins for the first consultation.   During this time you will receive a comprehensive and tailored diet and lifestyle assessment as well as your own personalised nutrition plan. You will be asked to provide personal information which will allow us to make an accurate assessment.  Personal information may include:

  • personal goals
  • medical history
  • current medications
  • biochemical and metabolic test results
  • family medical history
  • gastrointestinal symptoms
  • dietary pattern
  • height, weight, measurements
  • social and lifestyle factors.

Any information disclosed to us will be strictly confidential. ​ Depending on your requirements, you may be provided with: a personalised eating plan or nutritional guidelines education and information regarding your condition and its relationship with their diet practical advice about healthy eating, for example:

  • reading food labels
  • healthy ways to prepare food
  • choosing the best foods for you when shopping and eating out.


Follow-Up Appointments

Allow up to 20 mins for follow-up consultations.  In this time we will discuss your progress and provide on-going support in helping you to achieve results.  Most clients benefit from at least one follow-up appointment, many continue with on-going appointments between 1 and 4 weeks apart.  The dietitian will discuss with you your need for follow-up at the end of each consultation.   Treatment plans are tailored to each individual.​


Family Consultations​

It’s always easier to change your lifestyle when you have support from those around you.  We offer family consultations to groups of people living under the same roof.  Prices and times will be negotiated based on the number of people and what your goals.  Generally we allow 1 hour for the first consultation and 30 mins for follow-up consultations.